Frequently Asked Questions

What can I recycle?

We work with our recyclers to collect all kinds of e-waste- computers, laptops, mobile phones, and most smart devices. If you’re not sure if we recycle the item that you’d like to dispose of, upload a picture of your item onto our mobile app and a representative will get in touch!

How much money can I receive?

It depends on the quantity and quality of the items you’d like to recycle. For example, we would be able to pay more for a working laptop compared to one that isn’t working.

How will payment be made?

Payment will be made through a bank transfer or can be kept in the e-wallet on our mobile app.

Is this really at no cost to me?

Yup! It only costs you your time. Our app allows users to post your e-waste, after which we’ll send you a price offer for it. Should you choose to accept our offer, our team will head down to collect the items from you at your convenience.

Why are you charging me a disposal fee?

There are times that we may not be able to recover value from some bulky items that we collect, therefore the disposal fee is to help us cover the costs incurred during that collection. We will let you know upfront when we do, so you can make a decision about disposal.

How safe is my data?

Extremely. We go through a very stringent process and comply with NIST 800-88.R1 to make sure that no data will be exposed. We can provide a certificate of destruction upon request.

Can I leave my items outside the door for collection?

Yes, as long as you indicate this upfront. However, the company will not be liable should items go missing prior to collection.

Do you collect plastics, paper and aluminum?

Stay tuned! We hope to bring this service to you soon shortly, but in the meanwhile, we’re focused on only e-waste.

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